Trending Weight Loss Programs and Diet Apps

Pregnancy. Sedentary lifestyles. Desk jobs. Physical constraints. The reasons for weight gain are abundant, as are the solutions for reducing unwanted pounds. Regardless of the reason for weight gain, there are a variety of programs available to individuals in all life situations.

Whether you are looking for prepackaged meal options, one-on-one counseling, or a strict regimen, there is an option available to you. Knowing how to access diet and weight loss programs is key. We have compiled this list of the most popular weight loss programs that are currently available.


Many consumers, especially millenials, are growing fond of technology-based weight loss apps. The portability, ease of use, and constant reminders make them easy to use and convenient.

Gone are the days of carrying around books with caloric content information and restaurant nutritional inserts. Noom brings nutrition to your fingertips. Users can learn how to develop healthy habits and make dieting a trend of the past with this modern weight loss app.


Chances are you have heard of or know someone directly who has lost major weight by following the “keto” diet. Once known as an eating plan for individuals with neurological conditions, this diet is well-known for producing exceptional results quickly without exercise. What more could you ask for!?

The key is: good fat. The keto way of eating focuses on carb elimination, sending your body into ketosis and running off of stored fat. Dietary focus is placed on protein, good fats, and carbohydrate limitation with this way of eating. Carbohydrate restrictions vary based on the version of “keto” diet plan that is being followed.

Traditional Diet Plans Re-vamped: Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, and Jenny Craig

Despite all of the hype surrounding the aforementioned trendy weight loss plans, some of the tried and true weight loss programs have stuck around. Plans such as Weight Watchers (WW), Nutrisystem, and Jenny Craig have survived the test of time and evolved in order to stay relevant in the weight loss community.

Weight Watchers has re-branded its program as WW. Celebrity endorsements, mobile apps, and “points” system revisions have allowed this diet plan to thrive. What was once a group-based support system for dietary maintenance, now offers online options and one-on-one counseling.

Nutrisystem has also maintained its status as one of the top recognized diet plans. Featuring pre-packaged food, various plan levels, and quick shipping, nutrisystem has long been a choice for easy weight loss. Since everything that is consumed is pre-planned based on each client, the guesswork is taken out of nutritional formulations.

Another plan that is familiar to most households is Jenny Craig. Jenny Craig also boasts celebrity endorsement, packaged food options, and individual guidance from a mentor. While price points are always a concern with this type of a program, the ease of use is much higher than that of other comparable diet plans.

Medical Disclaimer

Please remember that you should always consult your physician prior to embarking on a diet or exercise regimen. Professional guidance ensures your eligibility for different program types.

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