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    IWantMyVITAMINS.com strives to provide the lowest possible prices on high-quality vitamins, minerals, herbs, nutritional and sports supplements, as well as other health and nutritional products. Our site offers over 1,000 cheap vitamins from all of the major manufacturers!
    In addition to the ever important vitamins such as coral calcium, vitamin C, herbal products, and daily multi-vitamins, we pride ourselves on focusing on the areas of discount vitamins for men and women's health, bone and joint care, cardiovascular health,weight loss supplements. Our goal is to provide cheap vitamins and supplements, as well as to constantly add new and further discounted nutritional products. It is our hope that these reduced costs will aid your family in living a long, healthy, and prosperous life!

Sublingual B Total Liquid Energy Twinpack Sublingual B Total Liquid Energy Twinpack

B-Complex vitamins are factors in providing energy by converting carbohydrates to glucose. The B-Complex vitamins are water-soluble and used by the body daily but...

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TwinLab Mega L-Carnitine 500MG 90 Tablets TwinLab Mega L-Carnitine 500MG 90 Tablets

L-Carnitine is an useful pharmacological agent in the management of Ischemic heart disease, prevents the accumulation of ketones during weight loss, improves fat metabolism, and increases the use of fat as an energy source...

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Schiff Joint Care Glucosamine Plus MSM Schiff Joint Care Glucosamine Plus MSM

Build Healthy Joints. Supports Healthy Joint Function. This formula combines Schiff’s Glucosamine Complex with MSM, a naturally occurring organi...

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TwinLab Diet Fuel Schiff Super Calcium 1200 With Vitamin D

This formula combines calcium and vitamin D in to promote bone and teeth health. Calcium is also needed for blood clotting, muscle function, nerve function, release of hormones and help the function of enzymes...

Price $5.52 (Current Stock: 20)
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Schiff Immune Support Bufrered Vitamin C 500 MG With Rose Hops
Schiff Immune Support Bufrered Vitamin C 500 MG With Rose Hops

Dietary Supplement. Supports Healthy Immune Functions. Connective tissue, bone and skin health, immune function, anti-oxidant, cardiovascular health. ...

Price $7.49 (Current Stock: 48)
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Cytodyne Xenadrine EFX
Cytodyne Xenadrine EFX

Advanced new ephedrine-free formula is proven to increase the body's metabolic rate and energy expenditure to promote fast and dramatic reductions in weight and bodyfat ...

Price $28.55 (Current Stock: 63)
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    With over 1,000 health supplements, we offer vitamins, herbal products, weight loss products, minerals, sports supplements, and skin care products. We specialize in coral calcium, vitamin C, vitamin E, antioxidants, multi vitamins, women's vitamins, and men's vitamins. Our supplements are at wholesale prices, so we can offer great deals on every vitamin product. We offer the lowest prices on discount vitamins! Our major providers include Schiff, Twinlab, Natrol, Natural Treasure, Natures Herbs, and much more!

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Vitamin A - Beta-carotene Vitamin E Chromium
Vitamin B Calcium Selenium
Vitamin C Coral Clacium .
Vitamin D Coenzyme Q-10 .

What do Vitamins do?

    To understand more about vitamins you must first know that vitamins do not provide energy for you. However, it is an important component when your body is converting food into energy. Vitamins are needed to produce enzymes and hormones. Without Vitamins your body would not be able to control many of your metabolic functions; such as your body energy balance, fat burning ability, digestibility, sexuality, and much more.
    Of the major vitamins, some are fat-soluble while others are water-soluble. Water-soluble vitamins must be taken into the body daily, as they cannot be stored and are flushed out within one to four days. These include C vitamins and the B-complex vitamins. Fat-soluble vitamins can be stored for longer periods of time in the body’s fatty tissue and the liver. These include vitamins A, D, E, and K. The body for proper functioning needs both types of vitamins.

Why do we need Minerals?

    Minerals are just as important as vitamins when it comes to preventing deficiency disease and symptoms. Your body depends on minerals for nearly every bodily process and that is why it is important in getting the appropriate amount of minerals. Minerals play a number of vital roles in the body. Some minerals are needed to maintain your body’s structural integrity of bones and teeth, while others are a necessary for biological processes. For example, minerals are crucial for controlling your heartbeat and blood pressure, caring oxygen to body cells, and creating hormones and enzymes that are essential body processes.

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